2016 Competition Registration is open

We’re now live. Looking forward to judging all your fine entries!

Register for the 2016 Saskatoon Headhunters Brewing Competition here.

Current rules and competition guidelines.



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ALES Competition

Some real cool dudes pose for a photo.

Some real cool dudes pose for a photo.

This past weekend the 23rd ALES Open wrapped up. 712 beers were judged as part of Canada’s largest homebrew competition.

Six judges from our club made the trip down to help out, and a handful of members took home prizes.

Tyler B, Cedric G, and Tyrone K took home gold medals, Greg P won both a silver and a bronze, and Casey M won a bronze medal. The full results are available here.

Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to the ALES club for all their hard work.

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2016 Bitters Competition

Congratulations to Cedric Gillott for winning first prize in our internal English Bitters competition. Aaron Krywicki and Greg Paterson tied for second place, and David Caswell was our third place recipient.

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Roundup Results & Star Phoenix Article

The Cowtown Yeast WRanglers 2016 Roundup homebrew competition wrapped up this weekend, and our club did very well. Greg was runner up for Yeast WRangler of the Year with 9 points in the competition (two gold medals, one silver, and one bronze). Ted Engel was hot on his heels with two gold medals and a silver – which would make up 4th overall in the competition. Ty (and Jason) earned a silver medal and a bronze. See all the results here: http://yeastwranglers.brewcompetition.com/

Also, homebrewing and craft beer brewers were featured in a half-page write up in the Star Phoenix last Friday. Including our club host Steve Cavan (Paddockwood Brewing), previous club sponsor Mark Heise (Rebellion Brewing Co.), and club chair Greg Paterson (the article should have mentioned Tyler Backman co-brewer of Sail Hatan/Headhunters Black Bier – but it DIDN’T!). Check it out here:  http://thestarphoenix.com/business/local-business/saskatoons-home-brewers-fermenting-success

2016 Roundup BOS Round Judging

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Come learn to brew!

Learn to Brew Day 2015

Come to Paddockwood Brewing on
Saturday November 14, 2015
11 AM to 4 PM
116 103rd St E
if you want to learn to brew your own beer.

The Saskatoon Headhunters Brewing Club will have several homebrewing setups producing various beers, open to the public.

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2015 Saskatoon Headhunters Brewing Competition Results

Here are the unofficial results from the inaugural Saskatoon Headhunters Brewing Competition. Thanks to all the entrants, and congratulations to all the medal winners. We’ll be forwarding prizes, medals, and scoresheets this week. Download a PDF of the winners here: 2015 SHBC Award Recipients. Best of show was awarded to Alvaro Reyes for his Ich Bin Ein Passionfruit Berliner, a Berliner Weisse.

Number Category Name (BJCP #) Place Entrant Beer Name Club
1 Standard American Beer (1) 1st Addison Babcock Corn Hole None
2nd Mark Pennell Snow Brewnosers
3rd Dean Kelly Ashley’s Lawnmower Beer Saskatoon Headhunters
2 Czech Lager (3)


1st Michal Foniok May Death Brew Us Part None
2nd Robert Doerksen 2 Minutes For CrossCzeching Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
3rd Chris Nowlan KAB Traditional Pilsner Cowtown Yeastwranglers
3 Pale Malty European Lager (4,5) 1st Tyler Backman The Captain’s Breakfast Headhunter’s
2nd Chris Bourdages What The Helles? Durham Homebrewers Club
3rd Alvaro Reyes Stange Brew VanBrewers
4 Amber Malty and Amber Bitter European Lagers (6,7) 1st Jared Carlberg O-Fest River City of Manitoba Brewers
2nd Parker Willfong Smoke Signals ALES
3rd Chris Bourdages Smoke Durham Homebrewers Club
5 British Bitter (11) 1st Mark Pennell Brit Bit Brewnosers
2nd Chris Nowlan Pin Up Cowtown Yeastwranglers
3rd Mark McGraw The Extra Bitter End None
6 Pale Commonwealth Beer (12) 1st Mark Pennell Britannia Brewnosers
7 Pale American Ale (28) 1st Jared Carlberg Torque APA River City of Manitoba Brewers
2nd Tyler Backman Saskatchewan’s West Coast Ale Headhunter’s
3rd Mark Pennell Three Brewnosers
8 Dark European Lager (8) 1st Michal Foniok Dunkel’s Your Father’s Brother None
9 German Wheat Beer (10) 1st Jared Carlberg O-Weiz-One River City of Manitoba Brewers
2nd Addison Babcock Banana Wheaties None
3rd James Grayson Reunion Dunkel Vanbrewers
10 Dark American Beer (19) 1st Ted Engel Kitchen Sink Brown Ale Saskatoon Headhunters
2nd Mark Pennell Poolside Amber Brewnosers
3rd Matt Braun Browning Citra Fruit ALES
11 Brown English Beer (13) 1st Mark Pennell Working Man Brewnosers
2nd Ken Noesgaard Thresherman’s Mild Headhunters
3rd Chris Nowlan Pit Brow Cowtown Yeastwranglers
12 Scottish, Irish, and Dark British Beer (14, 15, 16) 1st James Grayson Kate’s Accomplice Vanbrewers
2nd Chris Bourdages Great Scot! Durham Homebrewers Club
3rd Jared Carlberg Zed’s Dead Red River City of Manitoba Brewers
13 Strong British Beer (17) 1st Jared Carlberg Disasterwine River City of Manitoba Brewers
2nd Adam Olson Ye Old Kick In The Pants River City Brewers of Manitoba
3rd David Freeman Dave’s Old Ale #2 ALES Club
14 Strong European Lager (9) 1st David Freeman Honey’s Baltic Porter ALES Club
2nd Marc Loszchuk Asleep At The Kettle Dopplebock ALES
3rd Chris Bourdages CBOs Big Honk’n Bock Durham Homebrewers Club
15 American Porter and Stout (20) 1st Lucas Daniel Luca High Temp Imperial vanbrewers
2nd Robert Doerksen Ivan IV Imperial Stout Cowtown Yeast Wranglers
3rd Travis Wiens RIS BG Saskatoon Headhunters
16 Trappist Ale (26) 1st Marc Loszchuk Insert Witty Belgian Pun ALES
2nd Michal Foniok Housefly Tripel None
3rd Chris Nowlan Sugar Moon Cowtown Yeastwranglers
17 Fruit, Vegetable, and Spice Beer (29, 30) 1st Mark Pennell G’day Raspberry Brewnosers
2nd Chris Bourdages Peanut Butter Milk Stout Durham Homebrewers Club
3rd Greg Paterson Black Forest Stout Saskatoon Headhunters
18 Belgian Ale (24, 25) 1st Chris Nowlan Bruges Ale Cowtown Yeastwranglers
2nd Jared Carlberg Gentlemen Prefer Blondes River City of Manitoba Brewers
3rd Greg Paterson Tis’ The Saison Saskatoon Headhunters
19 Wood and Smoked Beer (32, 33) 1st Jared Carlberg Rotten Insidious Stuff River City of Manitoba Brewers
2nd Adam Olson Islay Scotch Ale River City Brewers of Manitoba
3rd Marc Loszchuk Big Bourbon Bastard ALES
20 IPA (21) 1st Ken Noesgaard Brennan’s Black IPA Headhunters
2nd Andrew Sookram WIPA None
3rd Jared Carlberg River City IPA River City of Manitoba Brewers
21 Strong American Ale (22) 1st Jared Carlberg River City IIPA River City of Manitoba Brewers
22 European Sour and American Wild Ales (23, 28) 1st Alvaro Reyes Ich Bin Ein Passionfruit Berliner VanBrewers
2nd Michal Foniok Berlignar None
3rd Jared Carlberg My First Sour Beer River City of Manitoba Brewers
23 Specialty Beer (27, 31, 34) 1st Greg Paterson SCCS Saskatoon Headhunters
2nd Mattias Gruvman Roger MontreAlers
3rd Alvaro Reyes Chicha De Chilliwack VanBrewers
24 Mead (M1, M2, M3) 1st Tyrone Keep Orange You Glad Saskatoon Headhunters
2nd Chaim Sisson Black Himal brewVic
3rd Chris Bourdages Wenches And Mead Durham Homebrewers Club
25 Ciders (C1, C2) 1st Tyler Backman Flying Ace Cider Headhunter’s
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Inaugural Competition Begins

Our inaugural competition has begun. Our skilled judges are hard at work sampling the large quantity of entries that we are so pleased to have received.

BJCP Judges Day 2

We would also like to thanks some additional sponsors who have joined our team to help make our competition a success:

The Hotel Senator
Harvest Brewing


Vintage Wine Bar


Flanigans Steak House



Winstons Logo



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Competition Update T+ 1 week

The inaugural Saskatoon Headhunters Brewing Competition has been open for 1 week, and 100 entries have already been entered. Soft cap limit is 200.

Attention Headhunters: The club member with the most points accumulated during this competition (for beers with 30+ points) will win the opportunity to brew a beer of your choice with Rebellion Brewing in Regina. Make sure to enter all your best beers.

We’re very pleased and thankful for the following companies who have pledged to support our competition:




Toronto Brewing



Kensington Wine Market

Prairie Sun

Prairie Malt

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2015 Homebrew Competition

Our club is excited to host the inaugural Saskatoon Headhunters Brewing Competition, coming this September.

All styles of beer are welcome, subject to the 2015 BJCP Guidelines.

Entries will be accepted between August 17th, and September 4th, 2015. Awards will be presented on September 19th, 2015.

Rules and competition information can be found here.

The Registration Page can be found here.

Everybody better get brewing!


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2015 Smoked Malt Competition Results

Congratulations to Travis Wiens for taking first place with his smoked Saison!

Second prize went to Kyle Maynes for a smoked Dunkelweizen, and third prize to Tyrone Keep for his smoked Scottish 70/-.

Thanks to all who entered.

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